One of the many lessons we learned during virtual learning last year is just how important quality technology can be to our children’s learning experience. Last year, the PTA began an initiative to replace outdated overhead projectors in Kilmer classrooms.

But we’re not done yet! Thirty projectors remain to be upgraded at a total cost of approximately $50,000. That’s a big number, but don't be intimidated -- no donation is too small -- every dollar helps get us closer to our goal.  Our Kilmer community has always come through and been exceedingly generous when called upon to support our school, and we’re asking you to do the same now as we launch a fundraiser specifically to raise money to complete this projector replacement project. 

We hope to reach our financial goal by the end of 2021 so we can get new projectors into the classrooms as soon as possible, and all of our kids can directly benefit from the new technology this school year.  However, we have only raised less than $1,000 so far.  If you are able to contribute toward this initiative, there is a new Donation Item in P4SS called Projector Fundraiser which you can select for your contribution.  Please consider Kilmer in this way in your end-of-year giving.  Thank you!!