Kilmer students are incredibly creative and are really enjoying our library makerspace this year – we are seeing our kids make everything from towering pyramids of cups that reach the ceiling to jewelry and cards to gifts to friends and family.

We know that many people clean out closets, desk drawers, and garages this time of year, and we’d love donations of new or gently used items that our students are requesting such as:

Beads (plastic, letters)

String and yarn (embroidery, knitting)


Batting (stuffing for pillows)

Sewing needles & thread

Pipe cleaners

Pom poms

Stamp pads

Liquid glue (not glue sticks)

Rainbow loom supplies

Solo cups (in any color)

Duct tape (colors and patterns)

Washi tape

Tubes (cardboard, PVC)


Old computers and/or printers

(for take apart tech)

Send materials in with your student or drop them off (labeled “LIBRARY”) in the main office. Questions? Have something NOT on this list that you think our students could use? Reach out to librarian Gretchen Hazlin: