As you and your student begins school at Kilmer, you will probably have questions. Here are answers to the most popular questions.

  1. What is the Student Store? The Student Store is open during the four lunch periods. The store contains school supplies. Did you know that you do not need to volunteer for all of the lunch periods? You can just volunteer for an hour or so. The store is running great this year and the kids love the items being sold. No prior experience is necessary. It is a great way to see your student and their friends during the day. The store is open when we have you volunteering in the store. Please sign up.
  2. Do I need to buy a lock for my PE locker?
    No. A lock is provided.
  3. What is Pay4SchoolStuff? The Pay4SchoolStuff website is what parents use to pay for PTA related programs. Create an account with Pay4SchoolStuff and list your student in this program with “Kilmer MS” selected. From this one site, you can pay for everything before and during the school year. You can also pay for PTA membership, donations, etc. for your child at Marshall HS and other schools in our area.
  4. For Gym, should I pay for the towel service or just provide a towel to my student? If you have a sweaty kid, pay the $10 and get the towel service.
  5. Do I have to shower after Gym?
    No. Put on your deodorant and go back to class. Nobody showers.
  6. Can my student ride on another student’s school bus? Absolutely yes. Just follow the rules:
    1. Your child should have a written note signed by the parent
    2. If your child is accompanying another student on a different bus, both students should have a signed note
    3. The note should be turned into the office by 8:00 am
    4. All changes are subject to available space on the bus.
  7. Does the cafeteria have assigned seating? After the students choose where they want to sit for the semester, then they stay in those assigned seats.
  8. How soon should I arrive to pick up my child in the Kiss and Ride line?
    Arrive 15 minutes before the bell rings at 2:15pm.
  9. My student lost their Joyce Kilmer Middle School Agenda. Can you buy another one? Yes! You can buy a replacement Agenda from the office for $5.
  10. How do I take my student to a doctor appointment in the middle of the school day? To take your student to a doctor appointment in the middle of the school day, provide your student with a handwritten note. When the student arrives at school, the student takes the note to the main office. The office worker provides a pass in exchange for the note. At the time to leave the school for the doctor’s appointment, the student shows the pass to the teacher and then meets the parent in the office.
  11. How do I help my rising 7th grader or new student get familiar with middle school? Enroll your student in a one-week summer course called Shifting Gears. Not only do they learn how to be a middle school student, the school feeds them a tasty lunch each day. This class will help them make the adjustment so much easier that first week of school.
  12. How many elementary schools feed into Kilmer MS?
    Eleven elementary schools in the surrounding area. That means that 26 buses depart and arrive at Kilmer MS each day.
  13. If my student is in the AVID elective, do I need to buy separate binders as specified by math, English, and science teachers on the school supply list?
    No, a student in the AVID program carries one 4” binder for all subjects. If you can afford to splurge, the zipper binder by Case-It will last the entire year and not break. Note, the zipper bag with pens/pencils will break if the student overloads it…
  14. If my child is in AVID as a 7th grader and wants to be in AVID as an 8th grader, do we need to re-apply? No.
  15. Where should I buy school supplies for my student? Visit the Student Store in the cafeteria to buy office supplies for your student. The prices are much less than the competition and the PTA uses the profit to pay for after school programs, etc.
  16. If your student may want to apply for the Marshall HS IB program at the end of 10th grade, does my child need to take 4 years of the same language?
    Yes. Start a world language in 8th grade. If your student decides to not do the IB program, you can finish the world language requirement sooner and enjoy other electives offered in high school.
  17. Does Kilmer MS have SACC? No, but check out our afterschool programs, some of which is paid for by the PTA!
  18. How do I get a student directory? After you join the PTA, you receive your hard copy student directory.
  19. What is the regular bell schedule?
  20. What is the two-hour delay bell schedule, two-hour early release schedule? All of these answers are here in the KMS Mobile App. (Select your student’s lunch letter (e.g., A Lunch). Then you will find these schedules. Note that the KMS Mobile App loads slowly from a desktop computer.)
  21. Who is my student’s counselor?
  22. What is NJHS? It’s not a high school. :) NJHS is the abbreviation for the National Junior Honor Society. If your student has a grade point average of 3.7 or higher, your student will receive an invitation and application after the 3rd quarter grades are out. This is the time to hound your student to fill out the application, and ask them to ask two teachers for a recommendation. The student has a week to get the application done. After the application is filled out and turned in by your student, you’ll receive a snail mail letter stating if you were accepted and where to attend the ceremony.
  23. My student has an EpiPen and/or inhaler. How will the school take care of my student in case an allergic reaction occurs? The School Health Aide is trained to assist your student in case of an emergency. For your student, you need to fill out a Health Information Form. Bring in the form and prescription medication to the School Health Aide at Kilmer MS. The School Health Aide (Ms. Cindy Blalock) will keep it in a locked drawer in the clinic for your student. For more information, contact the School Health Aide, Ms. Cindy Blalock at 703-846-8810.

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