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Afterschool club sponsorship presents a dynamic opportunity to create new connections and foster meaningful engagements with students. It is also a space to support them in navigating agency, choice, interests, time-management and peer relationships. So much has happened, there has been such change – this is not exclusively applicable to the student experience.

Afterschool is also for adults/staff to get to know our community on a larger scale and interact with students. This is meant to be fun – share your interests with students. Afterschool at Kilmer Middle is a Vibe. We stand in the gaps for our students with expectations, energy and supports. Middle School is a crucial time, and we have time, space and resources to fortify exposure and access extensions to performing arts, athletics, service, soft skills and STEM. Afterschool is an impossibility without Staff support and participation.


 Students must complete the required Afterschool Registration Form to participate.

Most activities are drop in (no-commitment) and your child’s participation may vary, depending upon activity capacities and sponsorship. Students will have the weekend to pre-register for the upcoming offerings via Schoology beginning on Friday afternoons.